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About Us...

Blended Vision Event Group, LLC specializes in planning unique and memorable experiences. This family owned and operated business was initially established October 2010, in Chicago, IL, by Johnathan and Meghann Barnes.  We since have relocated to Tampa, FL, where we have had the opportunity to expand our vision and create new experiences!  

The meaning behind 'Blended Vision' is two-fold. As we have planned events over the years, we found that the best outcomes occur when we "blend" our styles together, ultimately creating unique and unforgettable experiences that can not be duplicated.  We learned that each experience is distinct in its own way, from the location, to the activities, to the individuals attending the event.  Each piece plays an intricate role in bringing the event together, allowing each attendee to feel like they had a one of a kind experience.

The second "blend" happens when our expertise is then blended with the vision of our client.  At the end of the day, we want to ensure your vision comes through in all aspects, we are simply here to facilitate it!

Others Plan Events...We Create Experiences!

Our Story

Meghann Barnes


"Professional School Counselor by day, "Experience Creator" by night.  I am passionate about assisting others in bringing their vision to life, whether creating a plan for their future, planning the biggest day of their life, or setting the stage for an eventful evening with friends. My abilities lie in the small details that are crucial in bringing visions to fruition."


Johnathan Barnes


"My strength is setting the mood.  The music, lighting, and overall feel of an event is what sets the tone and ultimately creates the beginning of an extraordinary experience.  I have the unique ability to hear what our clients are saying and put it into a setting that is one of a kind."

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