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Blended Vision Event Group, LLC partners with J.L. Marshelle Educational Consulting, Inc. to offer workshops that focus on transferable life skills. Together BVEG and JLM use a holistic approach to service participants where they are and help them grow from there.  Our Goal is to empower members of our community with the tools to reflect, plan, and envision a future that is attainable. Through goal setting, team-building and problem solving we are confident that participants will leave fired up with a plan to make their vision a reality.      

Laying the Foundation

BVEG and JLM offer a variety of holistic workshops that focus on growing the whole person.  Instilling targeted skills allows participants the opportunity to  process the information being shared and apply it to their individual situation. 

Creating a Blueprint

Through individual and team building activities participants will have opportunities to reflect on their own current practices and discover ways to improve on areas of focus.  

Building a Vision

This is where the creativity happens! Participants are able to express themselves visually or artistically.  They will have the opportunity to create a meaningful vision board or  painted canvas image that is reflective of future goals. 

Implementing the Plan

Once the vision board or painted canvas is complete, participants will have the opportunity to share their work of art with others in the session and /or personally reflect on their goals for the future.   

Please contact one of our representatives to schedule a consultation for services.

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